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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Help on Data Recovery Issues

This post is an attempt to help people who are facing data loss and want help, they might be evaluating the drives using various demo or freewares of any data recovery software. We will try and help suggesting you the correct way and software which will help you to restore which actually you were considering to be lost.

We some time try and read various things which are available over the internet and do lots of things whcih in turn diminishes the chances of data recovery, some times data appears to be on a thin line which when damaged causes complete loss of the information.

I would suggest you putting your queries in such a fashion that it explains your complete history of what you had been doing when you lost data and also what all other tools you tried as it is similar to speaking to a doctor, the more the real fact the better is your medication.

I have my forum which is going tp publish a review on the best available options in data recovery software which are available and are the most popular one's. Also the website is having a data recovery forum which is a similar attempt.